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April 21, 2012
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~Back to School~

Beep, BEEP, BEEP!!
Soul groaned as he rolled over onto his back and smacked away his alarm clock, causing it to smash against a wall. "Huuuuuuuuuhhh!" He groaned again as he stretched and lay there in his bed trying to go back to sleep. 'Now Maka's gonna have to buy me a new clock...again!' Soul thought to himself. 'She's going to be so mad.' Soul opened his red eyes and glanced down at the blanket that was covering his naked body, there was a bulge sticking up at one point and he smiled remembering the dream he had. He stretched again and decided to get up before Maka came in the room to make him get up. He walked over to his closet and started digging through it to find some clothes, he wanted to look cool for the first day back at school after their break, so he thought he should wear something clean; but not too nice. He looked around until he found some maroon colored jeans, a t-shirt, underwear and socks, and his headband that he got from Maka as a present at the end of the previous school year. He wore it every day since she gave it to him. Nobody knew it, but Soul had a huge crush on Maka, but he wasn't sure if she felt the same way about him and didn't want to jeopardize their relationship as friends and as Meister and weapon; if she didn't have feelings like that for him it would ruin everything. Once Soul was ready for school he went into the kitchen and found breakfast waiting for him, but he didn't see Maka anywhere. He sat down and started to eat the bacon, eggs, and toast when Maka popped out of nowhere and started freaking out at him because they were late. He wanted to smile so bad because of how cute she looked when she got mad at him but all he did was say,
"I need another alarm clock." Interrupting her freak-out. She stopped in the middle of her sentence as her brain registered what he had said.

"Soul, I just bought you that one a week ago!" Maka complained.

"I know I'm sorry. It's just what happens when I have to wake up this early in the morning, I can't help it." Soul said shrugging as he finished off his breakfast.

"Well if you'd just let me come into your room in the morning like I did last year I wouldn't have to keep buying new alarm clocks to wake you up!" She complained with her back to Soul as she put his plate in the sink. Soul was thankful that she wasn't looking at him because his face had turned a cherry red as he remembered when she had come in one morning to find his ass not covered by the blanket and when he rolled over - thankfully taking the blanket with him - covering his crotch. He had morning wood and it was very clear that even though Maka couldn't see his actual privates she could see the outline of it pushing up against his thin red blanket as he stretched, still half asleep from being woken up so early in the morning. It was very awkward as Soul realized why Maka's face had gone cherry red and was looking up at the ceiling, causing his face to turn the same color as he grabbed a pillow and put it over his crotch, while he rambled on about guys getting morning wood and it was just a natural thing. He snapped out of the horrifying memory and snapped a reply at Maka.

"You're not waking me up in the mornings anymore; I thought we decided that last year! Soul said awkwardly.

"What, because of your morning wood?" Maka said in a teasing voice. Soul's face flushed even more as Maka taunted him and leaned in close to his face.

"Maka, I told you, it's no big deal that's just what happens when guys sleep. Plus I sleep naked sometimes, what if I kick the covers off in the night and then you come in?" Soul said looking down at the table.

"Well then put some underwear on, and if it's 'no big deal' about the morning wood what's the problem?" She asked matter-of-factly.

"It's embarrassing for you to see me with a boner." Soul said as if it was obvious.

"Well it's not like you were dreaming something that gave you a boner, and if it's about your size then there's nothing to worry about okay." Maka said walking away into the next room to get something. Soul sat at the table with his mouth hanging open as he thought about what she had just said.

'Heh, ya she doesn't know that I was dreaming about her and that's exactly why I had a boner when I woke up.' He had just started to like Maka as more than a friend at that time.
"Wait a second!" Soul called to Maka. "How do you know what size I am?! it good?" He sat up and leaned back in his chair trying to see Maka in the other room. Maka laughed and stuck her head back in.

"Well I have walked in on you with a boner more than once and since there was only a thin blanket between my eyes and the real thing; it was pretty easy to see how big it was." She said shrugging.

"So, I'm 'big' am I?" Soul said raising his eyebrows. Maka laughed again as she came back into the kitchen with her school stuff ready to go and sat down at the table.

"Well, you looked like a 7, and that's a pretty good size in my mind, espec..." She stopped what she was saying and looked away.

"What?" Asked Soul, "What were you going to say?" He leaned forward even though they were the only ones there to hear the conversation.

"Well," Maka said looking around the room. "I'm not supposed to say."

"Say what!?!" Soul was so curious now he could hardly contain himself.

"Ok I'll tell you but you can't say anything to anyone else." She warned. Soul nodded eagerly, wanting to know the secret.

"Alright, well Tsubaki, the Thompson sisters, and I talk about things, just girl talk, but umm, well we talk about other things to." Soul was getting impatient at Maka's reluctance to tell him.

"Just spit it out already!" He snapped.

"We talk about how big each of you guys are and things like that!" She spit out. Soul froze at the thought of other people - especially girls he saw almost daily - knowing how big he is, or was anyways; he was a 7 and-a-half now. Which also meant that his friends had been told that he was smaller than he actually was-how embarrassing!!! He frowned trying to process all of his thoughts.

"Wait a second." Soul smiled suspiciously, "That means that you know Kid and BlackStar's sizes." Soul asked with a smile spreading across his face.

"Umm, ya why?" Maka asked looking nervous.

"Tell me them." Soul said.

"What!" She replied shocked.

"Tell me them." Soul repeated almost in a monotone.

"Why do you want to know?" Maka asked trying to avoid answering.

"I want to know where I stand compared to both of them." Soul said simply.
"I donno Soul, I mean we're already going to be late for school if we don't run the whole way there."

"Maka, you're avoiding answering my question." Soul cut in.

"Well if you guys don't talk about it then I shouldn't tell you." She answered back trying not to break her promise of not repeating what her and the girls talked about when they were alone.

"Fine Maka, if you tell me, I'll tell you something that we guys talk about when we're alone. Does that sound fair?" Maka's eyes lit up and Soul knew that he had got her.

"Ok deal. BlackStar's 6 inches, you're 7--"

"Actually I'm 7 and-a-half." Soul cut in again.

"Ok," Maka said with a small smile. "And let's go to school now." Maka stood up.

"Wait a second! What about Kid? How big is he?" Soul asked putting his arm in front of Maka to block her from leaving.

"It's no big deal, really, let's just leave for the academy already, come on Soul." Maka complained moving his arm as he stepped in front of her completely blocking her path.

"Tell me Maka, if it's 'no big deal'." Soul said staring into her eyes. Maka looked past Soul at the door.

"Kid's 8 inches!" She yelped as she ducked past Soul and ran out the door. "See you at the academy!" She yelled behind her shoulder as she booked it down the block and turned the corner. Soul stood there frozen to the spot hardly believing what he heard. How could that spindly kid be bigger than him, was it even possible? He knew that some guys were even 9 inches but those guys were huge and way older than him, he thought it was actually too big in fact. He shook his head and realized that Maka had left the door swinging open in her hurry to get to the academy on time, so he grabbed his backpack and ran after her, slamming the locked door as he went.

~At the Academy~
Soul casually walked into class five minutes late, but was immediately sent right back out the door into the hallway by their teacher Sid.

~Later at Lunch~
Maka grabbed Soul as soon as the bell rang and told their friends that they were going into the city for lunch. Once they were far enough away from the school Maka cornered Soul and pushed him against a wall.
"Maka what are you doing?!?!" Soul cried out in shock and surprise.

"Shhh!" she said putting her finger to his lips as she pushed her body against him; looking around to make sure that they weren't followed. Soul had to concentrate his hardest to not get a boner with Maka pushing herself up against him like this. Maka heard a noise and shoved him farther into the alleyway where there wasn't much light and less room causing her to push her body against him even more. Soul glanced down with his eyes and realized that he could feel her small boobs against his chest. He closed his eyes as he enjoyed the moment before he could think of what would happen when he thought about her small but grab-worthy boobs. Just as he realized what was happening and felt that sensation right before he went hard, Maka pulled away from him and cleared her throat, Soul panicked and thought that she had felt it. They both just stared at each other for a minute until Maka broke the silence.
"Well?" She asked. Soul wasn't sure what she wanted, did she want an apology? "Oh come on, don't tell me you've forgotten already." Maka said staring at him.

"Ummm." Was all Soul managed to say.

"You said that if I told you what us girls talked about, then you'd tell me what you guys talked about." Soul sighed in relief that she hadn't felt his boner and that it was dark in the alleyway so she couldn't see it.

"Oh right, I completely forgot about that after you ran out of the house this morning." He said looking at her a bit angry,

"Well I wasn't sure how you were going to take the news that Kid's bigger than you." She shrugged.

"Ya about that, how does Liz and Patty know how big Kid is? Also how does Tsubaki know BlackStar's? Neither of them have something going on right?" Maka laughed and shook her head.

"No I don't think so. It's basically just the same thing as me and you, walked in their bedroom in the morning, a slipped towel while running to straighten a painting - well that one's only Kid but apparently he's always jumping out of the shower because he thinks something isn't symmetrical." Maka laughed.

"Oh wow, Kid really is nuts!" Soul laughed, and felt relieved that even though Kid was bigger than him; he definitely wasn't cooler than him. Plus his boner was gone so he had nothing to worry about.

"Now tell me what you guys talk about, no hesitating or stalling!" Maka said.

"But you got to hesitate." Soul whined.

"Now!" She said holding up her hand threatening to Maka Chop him.

"Alright, alright," Soul said holding up his hands in defense. "We talk about what cup sizes you all have." Soul said with a mischievous smile. Maka's jaw dropped open in shock, but she quickly recovered.

"When have you seen my boobs??!" Maka asked appalled. Soul rubbed the back of his head nervously,

"Oh no particular time." He ducked just in time to avoid her signature Maka Chop. "I'll say one thing though; they aren't as small as you make them look with that jacket of yours." He smiled as he ran out of the alley back towards the school. Maka was right at his heals running behind him.

"When the hell did you see them you pervert?! And what size do you think they are?" Soul picked up speed and ran away from the furious Maka.

~Back in Class~
Grruuuuummblle!! "I'm so hungry!" Sighed Soul to himself as he smacked his head down on the table in front of where he was sitting. "When will this torture end?!?" All Soul heard was the background noise of his teacher talking and the ridiculously slow ticking of the clock at the front of the room.
This is a fanfick that I have been working on...I wasn't going to upload it for a couple of month but decided 'why the hell not?!?' So it is based off of the wonderful show/book called 'Soul Eater' - I don't own the characters (or the display pic) But the story is 100% mine! :D So I really hope that you enjoy it and leave me lots of good comments!!

Here is the second chapter --> [link]
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